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Competitive tendering for cleaning work
Guide to fair purchasing
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PAM believes that choosing to purchase fairly is entirely possible. The goal is that the purchasing decision is not based on the cheapest price but the best price-quality ratio. PAM’s Guide to fair purchasing is intended for all organisations that purchase cleaning as subcontracted work. It suits everyone: the State, municipalities and the private sector.

This guide offers information for the buyers of cleaning services, allowing them to ensure that they are purchasing the services fairly. The guide, for example, advises that as early as during the competitive tendering phase, the buyers of cleaning services should demand information from the company offering cleaning services concerning the collective agreement with which it complies. The customer can set requirements in the request for tenders on working hours and work shift planning, the coverage of occupational health care, employee orientation, etc. You do not have to come up with the rules of fair purchasing yourself. If you wish to purchase services fairly, download the guide to fair purchasing from PAM’s website.

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